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MAZ 6303 + Trailer v1.3.0.2
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MAZ 6303 + Trailer v1.3.0.2

- Power: 235-300 l / s,
- Speed: 102-105 km / h.
- Two engines: YaMZ-236, YaMZ-238 each with its own sounds, two-sided unloading, tent, locking the trailer trolley, tow hitch.
Soundproofing, animation of the dashboard and mudguards.
Working lighting equipment, washable.
Envelope and adaptation in FS 17 Tractorist56RUS, revised by Romario_Agro

Poor stickers on the hood and on the rear wall inside the cab are removed.
The nameplate of the scan on the steering wheel and the curtain over the lobovuha are hidden (who needs to be made visible in the giant)
The archive has lost 8mb.
Added a choice of color cab, body and trailer.
Pulled up the volumes. Now the body and trailer carry 25000l each
Mirrors added (now working)
Added by Russian state numbers
Truck fully configured to play with Gear Box mod
The gear ratios for each gear for the YaMZ-238VM gearbox are fully prescribed
The truck has 8 forward gears, 4 low and 4 high and 2 reverse gears.
Switch from lowered to high and vice versa with the keys: right ctrl + \
provided that you play with the Gear Box mod. Without a Gear Box, the truck behaves as default.
In order for the Gear Box to correctly shift gears, you need to go to the Gear Box settings with the right keys ctrl + w and select “simplified” in the “Type of gearbox” column and select “gears” in the “Simplified settings” column, then close the settings and enjoy the realistic behavior of the truck.

Orel RuS

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