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MB Unimog 5050 v1.1
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MB Unimog 5050 v1.1

Hier gebe ich meinen Unimog der aktuellen Baureihe zum download, er ist etwas kräftiger als der standart, es ist ein 5050

Er hat viele funktionen -

Ic Steuerung
Front- und Heckhydraulik ein- und ausblenbar
transportiert alle Fuchtsorten

Ich wünsche euch viel Spass damit.


  • Farmergr
    2018-06-27 17:51
    The model is very nice, but it needs some work in the xml to fix the motor and the huge capacity of the tipper. Great base for tinkering though.
  • Farminghamsvk5
    2018-06-28 07:26
    Agree with FARMERGR, mod isn't quite there yet, needs some tweaking to get right but has a lot of potential for someone who can fix it, I don't know how to. Things needing work, the front orange LED's that are always on need to be removed or made on/off switchable, brakes need to be adjusted(too heavy), selectable tipper body colour, reduce capacity of the tipper motor struggles with a full tipper. Good start though, I really like the vehicle and concept.
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