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McCormick141 v2.0
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McCormick141 v2.0

This is a very old style combine for any person that likes old iron and farm machines. hope you enjoy and have fun with it.
Power: 74
Price: 6500
Dailyupkeep: 5
Brand: International Harvester
Category: harvesters

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please us origional link

adub modding

  • Idiot
    2018-11-11 13:26
    This is nover near a MCCORMICK141 this is a Rostlemash Niva SK4 and that is a great mod,but this is just a crapy reskin!
  • Winteeth
    2018-11-11 16:31
    OK guest this is MINE and NO ONE posts my stuff other than ME. And thank you IDIOT for hurting my pride!
  • Angusg
    2018-11-13 01:38
    hey jackass its not a reskin
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