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McHale 998 squarebalewrapper v1.0
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McHale 998 squarebalewrapper v1.0

McHale 998 square balewrapper adds layers of wrapping foliage to make your bales into silage to feed them to your cattle.
- working speed: 15 km/h
- animation of moving parts
- lights
- washable
- log clean

Bergwout, Jerrico, kleine

  • Alber
    2018-04-01 18:01
    Thanks, thank you very much, it is very good, but the most important thing is that it is the '' '' only '' 'for the square bullets, it is a real shame, that there are many mod repeated and in change there is a great cadence of other machines necessary as is this case ,,, I repeat thanks mate a hug.
  • Happy man
    2018-04-01 23:14
    ive spent last 3 day looking for a mod like this but only found fs15 one and im not good with pc so cheers cheers cheers cheers top man
  • Good work
    2018-04-02 19:15
    i' m waiting now 3 months for a squarebalewrapper, tank you very mutch.
  • Adde
    2018-04-03 05:22
    @GOOD WORK How is it that u have been w8´n 3months when there is one already in the Kuhn dlc pack?
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