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Mchale998 v1.1 fast edition
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Mchale998 v1.1 fast edition

This is a faster version that also take your strawbales its cheap and will be helpful in your farm.
McHale 998 square balewrapper adds layers of wrapping foliage to make your bales into silage to feed them to your cattle. McHale 998 square bale wrapper packs square bale foil so they can be fermented and aged into silage.
Authors: Modell: Bergwout, FS15 Jerrico. Ls17 - kleine

Modell: Bergwout, FS15 Jerrico. Ls17 - kleine

  • Delmarvalous
    2018-04-17 20:31
    Need for it to auto unload while on follow me. The round Baler does auto unload.
  • Delmarvalous
    2018-04-19 18:04
    Common, I got a farm to bale. Please!!!!!!
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