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McLoude Special Equipment – Slurry Sprayer v1.0
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McLoude Special Equipment – Slurry Sprayer v1.0

The McLoude Special Equipment produces self-propelled machines for the large-scale spreading of manure on customer request.
The base vehicle is a New Holland SP.400F. The span of the linkage of 36 meters provides a great impact on the field. New hoses and nozzles were installed, a manure converter for the preparation / comminution of larger solids and an 8650 liter tank. The rate of delivery was increased from 17 to 20 km / h.

On the road the self-driver reaches a top speed of 50 km / h. The whole system is extremely low maintenance and long lasting.
For all those who want to make a new experience in the field of gulled fertilizer, the McLoude Slurry Sprayer is available for the test price for a season of 23.500, – Euro. If you decide for a vehicle, you will be credited with this amount plus 10% discount. In case of non-payment we will refund you 18.500, – Euro.

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