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Meat processing v1.0.0
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Meat processing v1.0.0

We present the next mod of the production chain "Svapa Agro" in cooperation with Kastor Food Inc.

The following resources are required for the operation of meat processing:
1. Meat from the slaughterhouse of Kastor Food Inc. from the Mod "Kastor Food Inc. # Animal Processing Pack # v1.0.0.0"
2. Pallets of our Mod "Palett factory placeable". V 1.0.5
3. Cartons of our mod "Cardboard factory placeable" V 1.0.3
4. Butter and Kefir from our mod "Dairy placeable" V 1.0.0
Important!!! Pallets, cartons, butter and kefir from other mods are NOT accepted as the fillTypes do not match.

As products you get:
1. Noble meat in cardboard on pallet.
2. Bone meal (bulk material)
3. Grill goods on new thermobox pallet.

The following mods are highly recommended:
1. Kastor Food Inc. NEEDED "Tier processing pack" v1.0.0.0 (to have the animal halves) via marhu.net
2. Svapa Agro Central Trading V 1.1.0 (so you can also sell what is (over) produced)
And optionally the Svapa Agro PLP Pack V 1.1.0 with all currently available bearings.

The products can be sold in the Svapa Agro Central Trading (NOT included in the mod), or used in our upcoming mods.

The meat processing can be found in the category "Svapa Agroproduktion", or via brand.
The mod is 100% compatible with all our mods, is tested on standard maps of LS (on the screenshots "Sosnovka").
How it goes with other Mods / Maps, must be tested.

Modifications and additions in the mod are prohibited
Placement on other pages only with the original Downloadlink.

2017 (c)Caesus Regno for (tm)Svapa Agro
Thanks a lot to Zews for the patience with me;) -> https://vk.com/club143011513
Special thanks go to marhu and kevink98 for the scripts
And a VERY SPECIAL THANKS goes to Blacksheep-RC-Devil for his script.
Without him it would not be possible.
In addition to JauchenPaule and Giants for various things.

  • Fa 17 ytb mods chnnl
    2017-05-26 16:00
    How you testing this ? Kastor Food does not work...
  • Caesusr
    2017-05-26 17:22
    You need Kastor Food Inc "Animal(Tier) processing pack" v1.0.0.0 , you can find it at marhu(dot)net and it works fine (activat and use the included transporters!). You can there also find the Svapa Agro Dairy, Sugar factory, Greenhouses...
  • Farmerklein
    2017-05-26 20:14
    Im wondering where i can find these Svapa Agro Central Trading V 1.1.0 (so you can also sell what is (over) produced)And optionally the Svapa Agro PLP Pack V 1.1.0 with all currently available bearings.On Marhu I only see 1.0.1 of central trading.
  • Nottohappy
    2017-05-27 01:53
    MEAT PROCESSING V1.0.0 dont work activate it then when you load the map it crashes every timw along with the suger fatory updat and cant find Svapa Agro Central Trading V 1.1.0 only a older version but cant sell the new stuff when put mod out make sure you have some where to sell it this is really getting to me and dont even feel like playing no more today
  • Raven
    2017-05-30 02:29
    any updates going for this wont load when activate and try load map it crashes every time
  • No name
    2017-05-31 12:19
    Same Issue it crashes when loading the map unfortunately, Its a nice concept of Mod Love it but hopefully it will be fixed thank you
  • No name
    2017-06-01 13:30
    Found a Solution it seems certain Mod it clashed with this Meat Processing Mod.The Mod I found clashed with this Mod is Valley Crest Version 1.7 thus far so anyone who uses that Valley Crest Map Mod Please Remove or do not use this mod for Meat Processing Have a Nice FS 17 Gaming and Have funThank You for the Meat Processing Mod Too Awesome work and Thank You.
  • Stefan
    2017-08-03 15:23
    wie kan mij de link geven voor de mod Kastor Food Inc "Animal(Tier) processing pack" v1.0.0.0 en mij werk ok niet gr stefan
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