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MEGA Trailer v1.0.5.3
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MEGA Trailer v1.0.5.3

This mod is designed to be used alongside forage harvesters to increase the time between unloading. By increasing the Kroger trailer size from 21000 to 100000 we are able nearly carry five times more chaff. Please E-Mail me if you find a bug or glitch that makes you crash or isn't what is in the video. There may be an easy fix to the bug and if I'm not aware of it, it may not be fixed.

Comment any suggestions below with anything else you'd like to be added or e-mail me at [email protected]

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Giants Software

  • Host
    2016-10-29 11:36
    Long live realism.Why are there such useless shit?
  • Mastermods
    2016-10-29 14:50
    I'm not sure, why are you here?
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