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MemphisReaperPete v1.0
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MemphisReaperPete v1.0

Two buyable versions, motor options, custom baked texures custom shaved from end and custom black chrome sharp truck.
Power: 9900
Price: 50000
Dailyupkeep: 0
Category: Trucks
Authors: Seriousmods, converted/edited by Rt40

memphis from savage AF modding

  • Gross
    2018-10-31 22:41
    Just gross
  • @jackass who said gross
    2018-11-01 18:51
    if you don't like it move on otherwise keep your comments to yourself and go kick rocks!!
  • Dunno
    2018-11-02 00:09
    I'm with the guy who thinks this mod is gross. The mod is terrible.
  • Chris7727
    2018-11-02 00:59
    more like same guy lol
  • Chris7727
    2018-11-02 05:18
    my bad I suck at modding and this mod does suck to
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