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Meprozet PN20 LSF FS17 v1.0
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Meprozet PN20 LSF FS17 v1.0

Mod has:
- basic functions
- hose system support
- movable pulleys and belt
- PTO shaft for approach
- Foot on the approach
- working sight glass
- real sound
- Movable pressure gauge
- take off the spreader (cover script)
I recommend the manualCover script then you will be able to approach it

There were no prohibitions

Respect some authors and download from the original link. Thank you
I do not give the prohibition of editing because the original author gave me a free hand that I give too

Model: MrWojtek227 / LubelskiSymulatorFarmy
Texture: MrWojtek / LubelskiSymulatorFarmy
Script: @ poc @ lypse Tali'ZoraH Saty Joxxer lulu88520 Wopster Manuel Leithner
Idea / Concept: LubelskiSymulatorFarmy
Testing: SimonKnight

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    mod video here...........https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrmD-jlDAH8
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