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Mercedes Actros Pack v1.0.0
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Mercedes Actros Pack v1.0.0

Hello dear Com
Here I offer you my assembled Mercedes Actros MP4 Pack.
First of all, a thank you to An Scoopy (Gohstrider) who has made me from Ets (cabin) as well as A thank you to Heiko and Sven who also built me ??objects and helped in setting up and assembling.

So to Mod:
In the pack are 5 different trucks Drin
2 axles
3 axles
4 axles SLT
HKL version
setting frame

The trucks are 80% tested on the original map and thus log error free as well as onn Dedi
I can not guarantee for an error free log if other mods are in the folder.
To use all the functions of the mod you need the Light Addon
The Logos can be changed by yourself in the texture folder under Logo1.dds.
Should nevertheless still errors emerge I would look over this info so that I can look for a solution.
A thank you goes to all my testers as well as helpers who have worked with me on the mod. Names are not named for protection from harassment.
So I wish you much fun with the trucks.
Mfg yours

Modell: ETS, Scoopy, meistro
Textur: ETS, Scoopy, meistro
Idee / Konzept: Jan, Sven, Meckey
Tester: Viele Danke Jungs

  • Wotdim
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    On peut le trouver où le porte char?Merci
  • Silviu1993
    2017-07-18 17:44 Send message
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    mod video here......https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64sboODAvcM
  • Belo
    2017-09-12 22:45 Send message
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