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Mercedes Benz TRAC 700-900 v2.0
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Mercedes Benz TRAC 700-900 v2.0

Power: 65-135 hp
Weight: four tons
Front loader bracket: Yes
Front hydraulics: Yes
Top speed: 40km / h

- LS17 Standard Functions
- Terminals installed (Siloking and Grimme) -> works with this feed mixer
- realistic animated front axle
- Windows and doors by IC
- Interior lighting
- many interior scenarios (pedals, levers, hands)
- Engine hood liner transparent and engine installed
- Motor variants have different characteristics
- Dynamic front and rear trousers
- seven different motor configurations
- many different tire configs
- new exhaust system
- Passenger's letter
- Attacher for Dammann Profi-Class
- suitable for forestry (forest cage)
- and a few things that I have certainly forgotten ...

No errors in the LOG, MP also tested without errors
Suspension wobbles when using ball head, but only when filling and unfolding
The rim color selection is only for the maintenance tire and twin tires, the other tires are adapted by themselves


Koedel, wohlstandskind, Bremi456

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    Stolen Mod from Forbidden Mods....Original:http://forbidden-mods.de/wcf/filebase/index.php?file/698-fbm-team-mb-trac-700-900-version-2-0-0-0/
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    No Problem with this:FBM-Site: Uploadet-Linkhere: direct with full speed without waitingSo think about it
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    i've got dowload this and he is very good luck
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