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Merica Pack 2018 v1.0
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Merica Pack 2018 v1.0

A pack of American conversions from fs15, time flys but mods do not. SOOOOO, I thought I would share some conversions with yall.
Comes with an awsome tractor and swather for oats wheat rye and others, and planter for the old iron.
Hope you like and happy 2018 to all modders and those who use them.


  • Prjndigo
    2018-01-05 17:51
    It's common practice to actually test mods to see if they work prior to uploading themthis means testing them on a separate installation to see if they can actually be purchased from the store
  • Silviu1993
    2018-01-05 18:48
    MOD VIDEO HERE.............https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D63uz1OKMlk
  • Dan


    2018-01-06 00:09
    I'd love to use the cyclo planter if I could purchase it from the store
  • Thefare
    2018-01-06 18:31
    I am very sorry for the mods that do not work. PRJNDIGO the mods will not load in my game but they will load in your game for some odd reason. I am going on your guys perspective, I can not mod.... I can convert and make so it can be played in 2017 I am still working on
  • Thefare
    2018-01-06 18:32
    modding the modding part. Dan the planter I can update I found the issue the swather just use a in game header the tractor not sure about the floating person in front. I will do my best to fix these and TEST IN GAME FIRST before uploading. My best of apologies.
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