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MF Old Generation 1970-1990 v1.0.0.0
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MF Old Generation 1970-1990 v1.0.0.0

A bit nostalgic?
With the MF Old Generation pack, relive the agriculture of the 80's!

This pack includes: 24 mods
-MF SD-2 (Plought 2M)
-MF 5 (BigBaler compacted)
-MF 11 (Spreader fertilizer 20m )
-MF 15-2 (Log grappe)
-MF 23 (Cultivator 5m)
-MF 30 (sowing Machine 4m)
-MF 80 (frontLoader combination MF serie 600, serie 200C, serie 3000)
-MF 110 (tipper capacity="10000" option loading wall )
-MF 114 (Bale trailer with Belts, option ladders straigh, tiltable )
-MF 140 (tipper capacity="14000" option loading wall )
-MF 160 (plough 1.9m)
-MF 200 (forage Harvesters fruitTypes="grass wheat barley")
-MF 260 (forage Harvesters fruitTypes="maize")
-MF 200C serie (tractor crawler, Option 274c and 294c, option Sunshade, option FL)
-MF 600 serie (tractor, option 675 690 698 698T 699, option foresty, option FL, 5options Wheels, door and windows removable)
-MF 600c serie (tractor no cab, option 675 690 698 698T 699, option foresty and Sunshade, option FL, 5options Wheels )
-MF 885 (windrower, door removable, trailer attacher)
-MF 885 cutter (cutter, 5m, combination MF885, )
-MF 3000 serie (tractor, option 3050 3060 3070 3080 3090, option foresty, option FL, 4options Wheels, door and windows removable)
-MF 600KG (Front weight, 600kg )
-MF 2500KG (Back weight, 2500kg, combination MF serie 600, serie 200C, serie 3000, trailer attacher)
-MF Fork (options Spikes and Fork, combination MF80)
-MF shovel (option With Teeth, capacity 2000, combination MF80)
-MF T885 (cutter Trailer, 6m, Also for vehicle transport)

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Blacksheep Modding

  • Teamben
    2017-06-09 15:03
    a chier!!!
  • Bemo
    2017-06-10 00:43
    Awesome pack. Been looking for something like this for a very long time. You got my vote!
  • Zzzzz
    2017-06-10 04:24
    sweet pack of old iron for FS17 i love it, any chance of a V2 of the pack that will feature an old MF combine with headers?
  • Gehard
    2017-06-11 03:45
    If it had an old wheel rake it would be A++. As it is you'll have to settle for A+. Good Job. Hope you win.
  • @zzzzz
    2017-06-11 03:49
    There is MF 620/530 here. You just have to use the smallest in game headers. They are the perfect size.
  • Toomanywhiners
    2017-06-12 19:25
    Credit was given, where credit was due, with even a link back to the Modder's Site. How is it stealing if the mod was only uploaded here and all credit was given to the actual modder? Some of you people whine just to see yourselves whine, I believe. Get a grip. On another note, hell of a pack. Great job with this. Looking forward to future mods.
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