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Michigan travis end dump v1.0.0.0
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Michigan travis end dump v1.0.0.0

hello everyone here i have you the michigan travis end dump all i did was take the travis end dump and made it bigger and made it look similar to a michigan end dump or crap end dump what ever you call it made it hold more it holds 150000 bulk liters hope you enjoy the mod all credits go to fsasmc all i did was edit it.

fsasmc edited by sean pierce

  • Cbull
    2018-04-24 07:31 Send message
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    i downloaded the end dump and after I bought it In game the back wheels were sticking down in the ground. Looks like a good mod.
  • To cbull from seanpierce
    2018-04-24 22:57 Send message
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    Try resetting it bc what you see in the pictures is what shows up in my game so idk what will cause your problem
  • Dreammaker
    2018-04-28 19:21 Send message
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    it is stuck in ground for me as well
  • Seanpierce
    2018-05-02 01:38 Send message
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    if its stuck in ground only thing to do is ether reset it or take a loader and forks and lift it up other then that idk what to tell ya it works perfect for me
  • Hadden
    2018-05-13 20:28 Send message
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    what's the link to the truck in the pic
  • Seanpierce
    2018-05-20 06:30 Send message
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    hadden the truck is the peterbult custom but this version of the truck in the pics are my edit of it and can only be found on my face book group
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