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Midwest 60 ft Draper Pack v1.0
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Midwest 60 ft Draper Pack v1.0

Description: Description: This is the Midwest 60 foot draper and trailer pack based on a real life, working model from Mid West Fabrication in Australia.  More info can be found here:  http://www.midwest.net.au/platforms.htm

--Unzip main file and drop contents into your FS 17 mods folder

--17.5 meters cutting width (increased 0.1 for easier math with courseplay)
--Adjustable reel
--Locking script on trailer
--Color select on side panels of draper (default is JD green followed by close approximations of                    Claas USA and Europe added to the default colors)
--Added an "adapter plate" to fill in the open space around the feeder house--not perfect but gives the desired effect

Known issues:
--width of draper is too great for most unloading augers of modded combines to unload in a traditional side by side method--However, the default CIH 9230 is just right and works with Courseplay.
--Also, particle system has a small gap as it recycles across the draper when viewing from outside cam--not noticeable from inside cam


Original FS15:
--Ingaming/blender/texturing/testing:  killerrf
--testing:  cjwilksy
--model provider:  hockeyman
--model creator:  Polygonish

FS17 conversion/edit:  cjwilksy

This is the Midwest 60 foot draper and trailer.  All credit goes to killerrf for really taking this project on and doing the heavy lifting.  Special thanks to hockeyman for giving us the chance to bring this to the community.

Please leave any bugs/issues on the support topic at AEM (americaneaglesmodding.com), and I will do my best to fix.

Best Regards,


Original FS15:
--Ingaming/blender/texturing/testing: killerrf
--testing: cjwilksy
--model provider: hockeyman
--model creator: Polygonish

FS17 conversion/edit: cjwilksy

  • Cjwilsky
    2017-03-20 19:58
    lol, its bigger than the truck and trailer combined... lmao... stupid mod
  • Oversized
    2017-03-20 22:53
    Its certainly a big header and a good model but looks a little oversized from the real thing.
  • Wayne
    2017-03-20 23:07
    i like it but u can not pick it up it working backwards it pick up the combine
  • Denest
    2017-03-20 23:55
    bonsoir la coupe est bien il faudrais une machine qui soit lourde
  • Rytis1
    2017-03-21 17:50
    why combine cant pic up header.Header just lifs combine plz fix it
  • Ron


    2017-03-22 02:08
    Put these settings in the inputAttacherJoint settings and you will be able to pick the cutter up. lowerDistanceToGround="1.2" upperDistanceToGround="2.2"
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