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Midwest Grain Opperations V1.1
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Midwest Grain Opperations V1.1

This is a Production map version 1.1 ..Grain only . In this game You are the owner of three large grain opperations . Having to manage workers and getting the product to the terminal and make money .Two trains are there to transport the Harvest ,each Plant has its own Train Loading so there is no need for trucking to the terminal, as well all the machinery is there at each plant and you can add or change as you make money . It will be a challange to keep up as the costs are about $50.000.00 per day to run your Opperation ,,so crop rotation so that one is ready for harvest as one is harvested ..then planting .. The scenery and town is one of the nicest i have done ,,,Take a ride on the train to see is all ... Good luck and have fun ..Feed back is very welcome.

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  • Farmer willy
    2017-01-10 18:15
    Not sure what the issue is but this map doesn't show up on Steam FS17 maps to load when downloaded and put in the mod file. Might have a file missing.
  • Whovian64
    2017-01-10 18:24
    The same issue as Farmer Willy has is also on the normal single player mode on PCs. The map just isn't showing up as an option.
  • Brelli59
    2017-01-11 04:48
    ok let me look into this right away ...
  • Brelli59
    2017-01-11 04:57
    ok got it figured out ...just rename the zip file to V1 drop the .1 doesnt like it i guess ,,,so sorry
  • 429


    2017-01-11 05:50
    link is gone
  • Brelli59
    2017-01-11 06:14
    I have reposted the map with all the fix's have a look for it a little later ...sorry for the broken link
  • Denver, coloradeo
    2017-01-26 15:26
    when i click the link and it showing the file is not found or missing
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