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Missouri Seasons Ready v1.0
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Missouri Seasons Ready v1.0

This is V2 of Missouri Fixed for the 1.5.1 patch
It is now seasons ready
use V1.3 of seasons click_here
Has chopped straw.
extra crops - oat, rye, sorghum, sugarcane, peanut, corn2 and blackbean.
there are 3 farms
there is also greenhouses and apple trees and a composter on the south east farm.
there is a biofuel factory
and new feed storage. also area for placeable's south of the main farm.

original FS13 map By jb3pc4sale converted to fs15 and fs17 by winston9587 testing by carolinaboy
new buildings added by winston9587.

  • Question
    2019-10-26 18:23
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    is this map for FS17 or FS19 not sure from the description
  • Wtf


    2019-10-26 20:06
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    What plebs still play FS 19!?!?!?!?!
  • No way
    2019-10-27 03:52
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    FS 13 is where its at!
  • Tractor23
    2019-10-27 10:55
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    une video est possible merci
  • Blacky
    2019-11-18 22:47 Send message
    3 1
    FS 19 SUCKS stupid fucking game anyways like don't work can't buy fields, you own only one or 2 fieldscan't cut down trees Giant fucked it up that's why l like FS 17 better you can buy fields and cut trees down
  • Blacky dont be stupid
    2020-03-23 16:56
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    not sure why u cant buy land and you have to work for more fields and you have to buy the land the trees are on
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