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Mist spreader 1 Achs version v1.0
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Mist spreader 1 Achs version v1.0

So the Kirchner Miststreuer has now also made it into the LS17.
The muck spreader is ned perfect, at LS15 times the Krone Optimat (classic of the farm) and the board wall / loading area of ??the LS15 Standart Brantner tipper was combined, and later by the colleague unknown000 with AC3D Optimiert / adapted.
A thanks goes to Joe968 ( FB side: Ls Pics by Almwirt Joe) for the built-in hoses (Dynamic Trousers) to LS15 times and the release release for the LS17 version.
Another thanks goes to Modellfreak ( FB pages: Modellfreak's kladeratasch / Moos Agrar) for the Kirchner AO texture and release release for the LS17 version of the spreader.

BJ 2007 (Kirchner + Pöttinger)
Variable constructions
New LS17 standard tires installed (slightly smaller scale)
New wooden floor
Pöttinger design configurable
Light shine
Dynamic trousers ready
Animated Krazboden texture (texture was used by Farmtech Miststreuer ausm LS17 Game)

We wish you much fun with it :)

STEYR Modding Team
(Unknown000, steyrmodder, domi, john)

Modell: Urmodelle: Giants, Umbau und LS17 ready: STEYR Modding Team
Textur: Giants, Modellfreak, STEYR Modding Team (Pöttinger Skin)
change Capacity Skript: Ziuta, 50keda
Dynamic Hose Skript: Xentro, whoopster
Idee / Konzept: STEYR Modding Team
Tester: STEYR Modding Team
Dynamic Hose einbau (zu LS15 Zeiten): Joe968

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    mod video here......https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5su3IUlOmqg
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