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Mod pack 4 update by Stevie
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Mod pack 4 update by Stevie

2017 Mod pack 4 update. Agco weights, CaseIH230 combines, CAT CR1090 combines, Fanex604, Fliegl low loader, Goldhofer low loader, Great Plains sowing machine, Grimme SE260, Joskin Transpace 8000, Kroeger TAW30, Lamborghini Nitro120, New Holland CR1090 combines, New Holland Discbine 313, RSM Acros 595 combine, RSM Agri pack combine, RSM Torum 760 combine. All now also have Race for life Pink added to the colour selection. Sell off old versions in game, delete old versions from your mods folder, Unzip the downloaded file and place the new zips into your mods folder.

Donation link: paypal.me/StevieFSMods


  • Tim121672
    2018-06-16 01:35
    @FRAUD IT! Are you to stupid to know why he put the pink as a color option? Or are you just another little troll trying to sound cool by using ignorant phrases. Its for breast cancer awareness you arrogant little shit so grow up and troll somewhere else.
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