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ModTrainsDirections v1.0
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ModTrainsDirections v1.0

You need to put a xml's in maps folder. Count on how many trains you have. Now you need the train files in the FarmingSimulator2017 game  in program files x86 for windows. If you
put the other train mods than this will be easy.  FarmingSimulator2017 open data open vehicles open and put the different train files in to your liking The first train you need to use the
one you have already put in the file the second will be the locomotive.xml you second train folder needs to match with the number on the locomotive.xml. The next one set up with that number
number in locomotive1.xml. and so on. I put the map01_trainSystem01, 02, 03, 04, so you can replace yours or you can see how I set the locomotives up. The first line is
that is how it suppose to look like. Than you need to put the number of train file for the next one and so on. If you able to follow these direction you will have different locomotive like I have in mine.

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