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Money Cheat $1,000,000 v2
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Money Cheat $1,000,000 v2

CTRL + 0 = Add $1,000,000 (Not the Numpad zero but numbers across top of keyboard)
ALT + 0 = Substract $1,000,000


  • Guest
    2017-01-24 22:45
    I use this mod all the time, but did you fix it? It adds money when you press the Lctrl and ANY other key...not just the 0....which makes a real mess when you have other mods that use the Lctrl key also....
  • Serious
    2017-01-25 00:23
    make a meaningful and useful mod for once. all you have to do is go into career xml. you don't need a mod for money cheating
  • Bocephus
    2018-11-27 03:24
    Go to the save game you want to add money to. Left click on the savegame and then right click on "Farms" and open in notepad++ and in the top line you can change the amount of money you want for that savegame. When you are playing the savegame you have the amount of money you entered in the top right corner of the screen. . You can do this for all savegames
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