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Money Cheat $1,000,000 v2
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Money Cheat $1,000,000 v2

CTRL + 0 = Add $1,000,000 (Not the Numpad zero but numbers across top of keyboard)
ALT + 0 = Substract $1,000,000


  • Guest
    2017-01-24 22:45
    I use this mod all the time, but did you fix it? It adds money when you press the Lctrl and ANY other key...not just the 0....which makes a real mess when you have other mods that use the Lctrl key also....
  • Serious
    2017-01-25 00:23
    make a meaningful and useful mod for once. all you have to do is go into career xml. you don't need a mod for money cheating
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