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Money Cheat v2.0
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Money Cheat v2.0

Edited version of money cheat ... no more need to be in vehicle with honk to activate!

CTRL + 0 = Add $1,000,000 (Not the Numpad zero but numbers across top of keyboard)
ALT + 0 = Substract $1,000,000

Enjoy :O)

Mod Author: Alex2009

  • Lua script correction
    2016-10-30 06:06
    There's an error in the LUA script ... if you hold CTRL or ALT and hit any button it will add or substract money no matter what button is pressed. Not what I intended!Here's the corrected script .... open in NotePad++ ... copy and paste the code below to the correct line then save :O)Depending on what your using as a zip program ... you may need to unzip ... edit ... and re-zip files after correction is made.
  • Lua script correction
    2016-10-30 06:07
    AddMoneyMod.lua[Line #14] if Input.isKeyPressed(Input.KEY_lctrl) and Input.isKeyPressed(Input.KEY_0) thenSubMoneyMod.ua[Line #14] if Input.isKeyPressed(Input.KEY_lalt) and Input.isKeyPressed(Input.KEY_0) thenOnly copy and paste code ... not what's in the [ ]'s!Will work as intended after correction is made ... sorry about the script mistake!
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