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MthCounter specialization script v2.0
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MthCounter specialization script v2.0

The archive contains:
- scripts: mthCounter.lua and indoorAnalogOTHud.lua
- readme file (open in notepad) .xml with installation instructions for the aforementioned scripts in Polish, English and German
- i3d with an exemplary meter model (6 separate segments).

The downloaded archive should be unpacked.

Changes in version
- complete rebuilding of the script
- changed method of calculating motohours (dependence on the current engine speed, nominal speed (or maximum in the absence of this data) and the scale of time in the game, not speed)
- HUD added showing the number of hours
- slightly changed name - mthCounter instead of motohoursCounter
- an additional script: indoorAnalogOTHud.lua that adds an analog hour meter for the engine (supplement of basic indoorHuda)

Prohibition of editing, reuploading, transferring to other sites with a changed link (reuploads will be reported), impersonation of the author, duplication on websites with mods (especially Lithuanian and Czech), etc., etc.

Made in Poland


  • Agrush2k
    2018-03-13 21:46
    (mthCounter specialization script v Illegal reupload, despite my prohibition. Here is the original download link:http://sharemods.com/4bmgqumdcfrh/mthCounter_unpack.zip.html
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