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MTZ 80/82/510/512 v1.3
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MTZ 80/82/510/512 v1.3

The front loader control unit STOLL (default) is the joystick. It appears only when installing the fasteners of the front loader STOLL. Added PKU "Barnaul-0,8". So far without its trailer equipment. Fixed physics on all tractors. Fixed rear attachment attachments. Fixed IC points (interactive). Now when you open the doors you do not need to look for a point to close them, both outside and inside the cabin. Added rear-view mirrors. Mud flaps have been added to the rear fenders. The texture of the engine is redone. For the engine D-245-06 added a device showing the turbocharging. Various fixes in XML.

Pro3D36 (Bear Farm) 

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    2018-05-03 19:12
    I love this mod,but can i ask if you can add the large cab as an option on the 80/82?
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