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My first beta map v1.1
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My first beta map v1.1

I'm looking for beta testers for my first map.

Version 1.1
Mistake eliminated
New buildings installed

Since it is my first map, it has unfortunately become huge. Nevertheless, I would like to hear opinions.
Maybe someone has a pleasure to test them.
Installed are: sawmill
Cardboard factory
Pallet factory
Bioreson series
The map may be published but only with the use of the original download link on other pages.
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  • Deltabravo productions
    2017-05-16 05:14
    I've tried your map, but was not playable, due to really low FPS. I got around 5-10FPS, something is wrong. I always run at around 60FPS. Also file size is WAY TO LARGE, might have to do with the low FPS. I would be interested in trying out a new version. You can always contact me on Youtube at DeltaBravo Productions. or on facebook. Thank you
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