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Neustadt LS17 V1.3
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Neustadt LS17 V1.3

Neustadt somewhere in Germany.

Version 1.3
- Fixed field 3 error
- Road traffic, people installed
- Fixed bumps on the field.
- Flower Coli removed from the cows.

This map has been rebuilt for LS17.
You can find more than 23 fields. 3 fields are Kaufbar or for missions. There are 2 farmhouses. In the main courtyard are pigs and cows. On the farm there are 2 sheep and chickens.
In the sawmill you can the logs by crane for sale point transport. Goals and lights are installed on the farms. There are no additional mods necessary.

There are still bugs in Miltiplayer games. I hope the Giants these fixes with the new patch. The map can not be uploaded to the 24/7.
Wait until the new patch or update comes on the 24/7. There are still a few questions of Map problems with the grass and straw swaths. This is but I think a bug.


  • Jorrit
    2016-11-15 23:28
    waar kun je velden kopen??
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