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New City from Vaszics v1.3
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New City from Vaszics v1.3

New City from Vaszics 1.3
Changes to 1.2:
The following factories have been abolished: Backwaren, Cake, Cannery, Mill, Sugar factory, Yogurt.
New and transformed factories: Bakery, Cake muffins, Canned fruit, Coleslaw, Daury, Distillery, Breenhouses, Hmilk, Jam juice yoghurt, Mills, Orchid gardens, SaladMix, Southern fruit, Sugar.
New fruits: apple, applecanned, banana, bananaliqueur, cherrycanned, coco, coconuwhiterum, fruitugar, gratdcoco, jam, mmcandy, orange, orangesyrup, plumcanned, ripebanana
Uniforming the information table.
Vehicle repair complete rebuild.
Installing machine location into the Vehicle shop.
Moving the Livestock Market next to the port.
Arrange terrain, incorporate new objects.
Repairing PDAs.
Configure the defaulVehicle, sometimes with other basic machines, tools.
General data remains.
The map is 4x.
Factory (53)
Biofood Brewery Cement Chips Coffee Concrete Dairy Distillery Eggfarm Goose Green Green1 Greenmanure HMIL cardboard Kaviar Noodles Oilfield Oilmills Pallet Steamepotato Washedpotato Foragefactory PigFoodfactory Slurryprocessor DryGrass Fuel LiquidFertilizer Silage WoodChips Rabbits Refinery Reibekuchen Sand_grawel Sawmill Seed Fertilizer Slaughterhouse Soja Troutfarm Weberei Whiskey Bakery Cake_muffin Canned_fruit Coleslaw Jam_juice_yogurt Mills Orchid_gardens SaladMix Southern_fruit Sugar
Store (30)
Airport Balestorage City City_grain Construction Cowshed_const Farmshop Fish1-2 Fruit1-2-3 Fuel_sales Grainmill Graintrans HorseStable KFC Manure_sales Portmill Powerplant Pub_village Restaurant_port Sand_grawel Sellingcotton Shipstorage Shop1 2-3 Woodtrans
Import products can be purchased on empties and cartons. Especially for the difficult times before the start-up.
Products (124)
aviationfuel barleyflour bakery barley beer booze boards bread butter cabbage cake carrot cauliflower cartonsvapa cauliflower2 chaff cement cherry concrete coffeeBD coffeeBeanBD Coleslaw condensedmilk cookingOil cornflour cow dryGrass_windrow emptypalletsvapa fatteningFood fertilizer Fischmehl_KK Fischman FischMKKK flour forage fuel gooseFood gooseliver goosemeat grass_windrow gravel1 greenmanure HMIL hops juice kefir KaviarKK
lettuce liquidFertilizer liquidManure maize ANURA meat melon melon2 milk Motoroil muffins noodles oat Oil onion osternei mazout pig pigFood plum potato potatoChip pumpkin pumpkin2 rabbit food rabbitmeat rape raspberrybeer raspberrysvapa redCabbage redcurrantsbeer redcurrantssvapa reibekuchen rye saladMix sausage seeds sheep silage soybean spelled steamedPotato stoffrolleMK straw strawberrybeer strawberrysvapa radius SUGARBEET sunflower tomato tomato2 washedPotato water wheat wheatflour whisky wood wool woodChips yellowsand yogurt yogurt1 applecanned banana bananaliqueur cherrycanned coco coconuwhiterum fruitsugar gratdcoco jam mmcandy orange orangesyrup plumcanned ripebanana
Storage (11)
Farmsilo Storage1 Storage2 Storage1 Farm1 Grass Coffee Manure RefillsStorage
For more information, see the enclosed guide (Guide1).


  • Raven2971
    2018-06-06 21:55
    still cant play this map when game loads player stuck in the air cant move or walk swtich into vehicles same thing shows standing in the air and cant move
  • Vaszics
    2018-06-06 22:20
    Hi RAVEN2971!I'm trying to help you. Send me an email address: [email protected] Please send the log.txt file to this address. A lot of people play with this map without any problems. You have not written about which version of Farming Simulator 17 you are using. I have Version: b1841 running. Did you try the full configuration I suggested and sent?
  • Serge
    2018-06-12 03:29
    Hi, vaszics, it's a great map and it play's well.I just don't know what the construction site needs, i can't seem to find a trigger to unload anything.And what dos the cow construction needs.Also i have a problem with field 13 and 15 when i use courseplay.For some strange reason they go to the wrong field.Otherwise a great map.Thanks!!!
  • Serge
    2018-06-12 03:36
    Hi, i forgot another thing.When you visit a field by pressing the number on the map, the crop is gone.When you try to buy it with the R'key it's also gone.But i fixed the problem by using the fieldmanagement from "the bank of hagenstedt".Just to let you know.
  • Vaszics
    2018-06-12 04:48
    Hi SERGE!I've looked at the issues that you have indicated. In CONSTRUCTION and COWSHEDCONST, you can sell the following goods: cement, concrete, gravel, yellowsand. I tried it. Everything is fine (with Fliegl trailer). The crop land on the land will always disappear, because it is not yours and is reserved for wage work. In case it indicates it. that there is no task to be accomplished, but you still enter the wage work, it will also disappear.
  • Vaszics
    2018-06-12 04:49
    HI SERGE!If you break the wage job and resume later, the crop will be retained. I do not like job vacancy, it's slow, boring, it's just for beginners. I do not have much experience with COURSEPLAY because I do not like it. I'm the devotee of my work. Unfortunately, I can not help it.
  • Serge
    2018-06-12 15:23
    Hi Vaszics, thanks for the answer.i don't do job vacancy to.It's just when you buy a field with the R key that the crop is gone.But i found a way around it, no worry's.I play your other maps to, " the Po river" and "Islands".You do a great job!!!Thank you.
  • Marcello
    2018-06-12 22:10
    bonjour vaszics vous faite de belles cartes et j'ai plaisir a jouer avec je ne joue qu'avec vos cartes pourquoi ne pas mettre de la canne a sucre dans toute vos cartes vous l'avez mise dans island et des laveuses de betteraves de carottes etc--- ce serais bien votre travail est magnifique bravo monsieur vaszics et merci
  • Vaszics
    2018-06-13 06:34
    Bonjour MARCELLO!Merci, et je pense que vous avez dit. Merci beaucoup.
  • Vaszics
    2018-06-13 06:36
    Hi SERGE!I'm glad you like the maps I've made, I wish you a good game.
  • Tex104
    2018-07-06 17:31
    Hi Vaszics you always suprise with adding and updating your map.great job and works great have you thought aboat doing a 16x map.would be great
  • Vaszics
    2018-07-07 09:50
    Hi TEX104!I'm glad you like the map. The 16x map is not designed in the same way, because of its technical reasons. My machine is not so strong that I upload a 16x map content as I would like it to. If I had a strong enough machine then I would try. I'm sorry.
  • Vaszics
    2018-07-14 23:06
    Hi TEX104!What you suggest is not a bad idea. You think a lot more profitable than I am. I did not get into programming until such depth. Because of the condition of my eyes, I can only deal with Farming limited. I suggest that you direct your proposal to game creators, maybe they will. I'm sorry.
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