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New Farmall 300 v1.0
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New Farmall 300 v1.0

This new mod features the Farmall 300 accept now with a 3 point hitch so it can be used a lot more for work rather than pulling trailers around. I am new to modding so please contact me if there is anything wrong with the mod. Happy Farming!

Copyright: FarmallMan

  • Cub kid
    2017-07-09 21:16
    hey love your work man could u build a 1948 farmall cub
  • Farmallman
    2017-07-09 21:32
    I can certainly try. Thanks!
  • Farmall dude
    2017-07-09 21:47
    Oh man a Cub with a sickle bar for haying OMG!!
  • Farmallman
    2017-07-09 21:55
    Work begins now on the Farmall Cub!
  • Ih guy
    2017-07-09 22:43
    sweet idea a 3pt hitch on this beautiful 1955 Farmall 300 Utility can you do a Farmall A & a H & a M or a super MTA that'd be sweet, as for the Farmall Cub id suggest a belly mower deck under the tractor or a sickle bar as ive seen both variants. great job on adding a 3pt to this one im downloading this one.
  • Prjindigo
    2017-07-10 00:04
    So you stole someone's model and re-posted it without permission with an attachment?
  • Dustin
    2017-07-10 00:13
    omg a cub will come out and I love farmall 300s
  • Farmallman
    2017-07-10 00:18
    No I went through the mod and redid a lot of things.
  • Farmallman
    2017-07-10 00:22
    scripting too
  • @farmallman
    2017-07-10 05:42
    While we can appreciate that you edited an existing mod, what is unacceptable is the fact that you claim copyright on this edit. And, you actually have the audacity to stamp it with "do not edit or upload". Any goodwill you created by editing this mod, so people could use it, is gone. You're just another lowlife who needs to keep his edits to himself, the community doesn't need your shitty attitude.
  • Everybody but you
    2017-07-10 05:45
    SHUT UP Crybaby
  • Sick of it!
    2017-07-10 07:19
    I'm with ya, its a game and if I was a modder everything would be out there for anyone to do with what they want. Its a game for everyone to enjoy but its becoming less enjoyable with all the children crying that someone took there shit but if you people ever really looked into the legal side of it Giants owns everything and if they see something they want they can just take it. I'm about to let the idiot children have it.
  • Gubmentcheese
    2017-07-10 08:49
    I have nothing to do with this mod nor do I take any credit(s) for said mod. But I would like to give credit to the proper mod author and group that he works with. It would have been nice at least as a courtesy to have asked for the permission to post this mod with your edit or at least given credit where it was due.Author/creator of Farmall 300 mod: Kaosknite Conversion from FS 15 to FS 17: Kaosknite and SOB modding @ modding central
  • Farmallman
    2017-07-10 18:59
  • @farmallman
    2017-07-11 05:26
  • Farmboy1539
    2017-07-22 16:53
    So much hate...... Thanks for posting it, glad the rest of us get to use and enjoy it now. People using it and enjoying it is what the creators should be happy about.
  • Farmallboy72
    2017-09-01 21:05
    I'm building a fleet of old Farmall tractors and this will go well with the rest. Thanks for bringing it to FS 17.
  • Sam


    2017-11-26 04:00
    you could make a john deere model a with a john deere pack for fs17
  • Farmall super m boi
    2018-04-09 01:56
    what about a farmall super M?
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