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New Holland BigBaler v1.0
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New Holland BigBaler v1.0

This is Essentially a cheat mod. It Produces 10 times the amount of bales, with out reducing density. Great if you have a lot of animals to feed, and not a lot of available grassland to feed them.

Model: Giants
Texture: Giants
Script: Giants/TJDinMaine
Idea / Concept: TJDinMaine
Testing: TJDinMaine

  • Tjdinmaine
    2017-01-03 23:22
    Well, i just uploaded here but i see you beat me to it. Oh well, hopefully everyone enjoys :)
  • Garbage mod
    2017-01-04 06:31
    pile of garbage. What kind of retard would enjoy this crap? I sure as hell wouldnt. Keep ruining the game assholes.
  • Baron
    2017-01-04 15:35
    At least he tells in the description this mod is a cheat, apart from all other cheat mods that claim to be legit.
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