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New Holland D1000 v1.0
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New Holland D1000 v1.0

Hi All. Here is the link to the D1000 Baler Version 1. There is a basic twine refill script. We are planning for a V2 version of this baler with some improved refill functionality and a rusty skin. This will take time to develop.

This baler has:
– Dynamic Hoses
– Opening Knotter Cover (Press N)
– Opening side doors (press Y beside cover on LH side)
– Custom bale size of 0.6m x 0.9m
– Custom sounds for the baler and folding actions made by 4D Modding
– Color choice – red/yellow
– Decal Choice (D800 or D1000)
– Registration plate choice for IRL / UK / FR / NL (we can add more)
– Wheel choice
– Wheel rim color choice
– Full animations for all functions
– A heads up display (press R to activate)
– A basic refill script for twine (the baler will stop and complain after 50 bales). You need to get out of the cab, open the cover and refill by pressing X.
– 100% from ground up modelling based on measurements from real machine.

4D Modding

  • Ford fan 69
    2018-06-19 22:15
    thanks a million for this mod finally a baler for 17 that requires twine refill ill use both versions old rusty & new one, will it run standard bale size or bigger be sweet to run bigger bale size same size as the NH BB980's for 17.
  • 4d modding
    2018-06-20 00:24
    I would request users use the original link as we originally created this mod and Thomas has just re-uploaded it here https://www.facebook.com/4DModding/
  • Mike weber
    2018-06-20 15:51
    I love the baler, good job! Is there a autoload trailer available now to load the bales?
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