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New Holland Dealer (Prefab) v1.0
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New Holland Dealer (Prefab) v1.0

A dealer building for your Map.
Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer Lizard
Category Prefab
Prefab Category Building
Author 20mmNormandy
Size 2.14 MB
Released 16.01.2018
Platform PC/MAC
(*) This is not a Mod. This object can be used in building maps for Farming Simulator.


  • Bufaloe
    2018-01-16 21:40
    Nice, but when is anyone going to start putting out blank maps for us to make our own maps, and be able to put nice items like this on them? I've always like to make my own map. Someone used the expression on other items, this is for "all you mappers out there"! The two or three I've found, the navigation meshes don't even work. Someone needs to start putting blank maps and 4x maps out there so us map mappers will have a few blank maps to make our own map.
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