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New Holland FR by FBM-Team
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New Holland FR by FBM-Team

- Color selection on vehicle and all attachments
- Color selection on rims on all devices
- Indicator for standard engine and license plate for turbo engine
- NH Decals Buyable, standard yellow-blue or gray, each change to standard or turbo-labeling after purchase
- NH Decals Available on all attachments, standard yellow-blue or gray
- Animations of the attachments all new adapted
- Cabins Script installed, pedals and joystick animated
- IC mounted on doors, seat and engine lobes
- NHFR Script built for door noise and noise adjustment of the engine nozzles when the doors are open
- tire selection, standard wheelweight-wide tire treadmills
- additional decals Buyable on the stern (without, thick box, little boy, or both)
- Additional work lamp installed
- Light adjusted and license plate lighting installed
- Interior lighting
- New Corona built for Rul
- exhaust gases adapted and script installed so that when switching on the work, the vehicle briefly black smokes (filter free burn :))
- Fan + radiator and hydraulics in the engine compartment on the right and fan wheel animated
- Driver steers with both hands
- Supplementary Decals "Forage Cruiser" changes automatically when purchasing the NH Decals in blue or gray

I wish you much fun with this mod.

Edit: Ahran

  • Karlos1615
    2017-03-09 02:31
    Fait chuter a 30 fps lorsque je les ach├Ęte malheureusement
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