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New Holland FR Pack v1
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New Holland FR Pack v1

Now here is my New Holland Pack.
Ansich it is an enhanced version of the standard New Holland harvester.
(Anyone who takes unnecessary to stop him not download)

Gloss removed / reduced
-Felgenfarbe selectable
-Design Selectable (Black & White Black money)
installed -Lichtshader Vertex Design
Included in the pack is the:
-Kemper 390 Plus (adapted gloss + Kemper Details in Black)
-Kemper 390 Plus Black (in black and white for the FR + matched gloss + Kemper details)
-PP273 (Adapted gloss + black Details)
-130 PB (adapted gloss + black Details)

Have fun with the pack.
At upload again please use original link!
MFG Hunter4987

Modell: Giants
Textur: Hunter4987 + Giants
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: Hunter4987
Tester: Hunter4987
Sonstige: Hunter4987

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