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New Holland Harvester Dyeable Beta
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New Holland Harvester Dyeable Beta

Here's my New Holland Combine Pack from LS 15 Included are:
Harvester TC 5.90
Harvester CR 10.90
Cutting 980 CF 6
Cutting 980 CF 12R
Cutting VARIFEED 18
Cutting VARIFEED 41ft

Everything is like the originals, have only added a color picker.

What I want to add is:
At the Combine Tire Selection
make dyeable with harvesters and the Superflex 45FT (facing currently not like)
Currently I am working on a New Holland Chipper Pack also make only Colorable again.
If found Back errors / bugs, or Suggestions for improvement, please send a message to me. thank you  
Please use only the originals download link !!!

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants Anpassung Speedfanger1991
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: Speedfanger1991
Tester: Speedfanger1991

  • Natasja
    2016-11-01 23:28
    Hi tereI am look for HARVESTER whit 70000 Liter grainbunker. Long time ago We have a new holland mod whit 70000 Liter can`t find more.
  • Guest
    2016-12-09 20:54
    open Harvester with winzip go to xml file open with notepad , find bunker capacity, change to whatever you want, save file , close file, ready to go
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