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New Holland LM 742 with Rear Hydraulics v1.17
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New Holland LM 742 with Rear Hydraulics v1.17

This is the New Holland LM 742 by Giants with Rear Hydraulics
I made this version for LS 15 now it's time for LS 17.
Have fun! :)

Model: EpicPrydaMods & Giants
Texture:EpicPrydaMods & Giants
Script: EpicPrydaMods & Giants
Idea / Concept: EpicPrydaMods & Giants
Testing: EpicPrydaMods & Giants
Other: EpicPrydaMods & Giants

  • Bart
    2016-12-06 20:10
    can jou build dis plsCAT 980H V1.0 ALPHATEST
  • Oneamongothers
    2016-12-24 05:33
    Could you possibly remodel the lower attacher model? It clips quite a lot into the frame of the telehandler. If you just change the center support of the lower attacher joint so it doesn't clip when you raise it, it would be perfect! Otherwise its a great mod and I really like it! Good job!
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