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New Holland Power Baler V1
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New Holland Power Baler V1

This is just a edited version of already release self propelled baler Because the baler was an is a new holland big baler 1290 I re textured the rest of it to become full new holland brand I also added trailer hitch to be able to pull a auto loading trailer which I have modified my bale master to work with this baler and is included in download
PLEASE NOTE textures and baler repositioning is all that was done to the setup and added the hitch

Giants, fa285634
Boss Hog 39 Changed texture & hitch added

  • Blackjack
    2017-05-01 01:04
    can you guys like stfu and actually be useful? if there is a prob with the mod, then tell him the problem, and stop being little shits. grow up kids , get a job. and maybe just maybe youll kiss a real girl.
  • Angusg
    2017-05-01 01:29
    very useful for a large area thanks for the upload
  • Mod works perfectly, looks great. Also works well with the Blacksheep Balestacker.
  • Angusg
    2017-05-01 02:48
    well seems like someones riding the cotton pony
  • Jim


    2017-05-01 03:37
    Thanks for the new version of the Mod. Looks much better and not like it was pieced together with out trying to make everything match
  • Bosshog39
    2017-05-01 03:48
    Thanks ANGUSG, JIM & JIM
  • Nice mod!!!
    2017-05-01 04:27
    Just kidding, this thing is an epic pile of shit.
  • Dave
    2017-05-01 15:05
    To all those on here that has bad things to say about it why dont you all post a mod of yours to this site and mention why your uploading it if your all so much better than this uploader. The two mods works well together or on there own either way it dont matter its a game not real life farming, so do us a favour and be grateful there is people that thinks outside the box as everyone thinks different or fs or any game would be boring as without editors or modders you have a plain game.
  • Kelly
    2017-05-01 15:11
    Want to add to daves comment if there was no editors or modders there would also be no modsites. Great upload keep up the good work
  • Troubles
    2017-05-01 15:39
    I agree with Kelly & Dave without MODS fs17 would be boring.
  • Bosshog39
    2017-05-01 18:17
    Thanks all for the good comments and I do not listen to the others crap that,s what they want is a confrontation so I just ignore them do not give them the satisfaction of replying to their bad mouths
  • Guest
    2017-05-01 18:27
    I am gonna download this mod just see what all the silly sandbox boys and girls are whining about so much. I see there are no grown ups that have good comments on mods anymore. For all you silly sandbox boys and girls, find something better to with your time, it's simple if you don't like the mod, then delete it out of your mod folder.
  • Tim121672
    2017-05-01 19:27
    Great mod, didn't dl the mis matched one because of the Frankenstein look, glad you took the time to cure that. good job. Pay no attention to the children, there just mad because they have no talent of there own. Keep up the fantastic work....
  • Bosshog39
    2017-05-01 19:32
    Thanks TIM121672
  • @whatever
    2017-05-01 23:34
    Wow kids, like ""guest"" mentioned above go back to your sand box and play with your Tonka Toys and forget about playing farm simulator if you hate certain modders, it's a mod and beside its pretty cool. Bosshog39 ignore those little whining kids and build more mods.
  • Troubles
    2017-05-02 03:20
    Down loaded it 7 used it AWESOME MOD. I use this site to find mods. That is why such sites R here 4. If others have got NO comments about MODS Don,t use it.!!!!!! it just to spoils it. Other wise try Facebook!!!!!!!!
  • Troubles
    2017-05-02 03:30
    Nice Mod like it. This site is 4 fair comments about mods Is it not !!!!!!Good work great MOD.
  • Aflac
    2017-05-02 18:19
    Can anyone help me out? I am running the latest update for my FS17 and I cannot get the mod to work. I've unpacked the mod and saved both mods into my mod file separately but it won't show up in my mods inside the game. Anyone else having this problem?
  • Idk


    2017-05-02 23:21
    learn some respect people also great mod
  • Troubles
    2017-05-03 16:02
    No I not not have this problem. I down loaded it & unpacked it. Then unpacked the 2 files & put them in my Mods folder. It showed up in the Mods folder & shows up in the in game Mods & was able 2 them. I am using the Giants latest software !.4.4. The Mods i,e baler & trailer works perfect no problem. Awesome Mod,s
  • Paul
    2017-05-03 20:42
    Great setup works flawlessly, wow! Just noticed 3476 downloads , go's to show upload a good mod and the downloads keep going and thats just this site.
  • Nice
    2017-05-05 13:06
    Pretty sweet mod, only thing I would change is put forager header on instead of harvester.
  • Shon
    2017-05-06 03:15
    i cant get the mod to come up in the selection list im pretty sure i moved it over the right way what am i doing worng
  • Fliptop72
    2017-05-07 14:18
    Will there be a round baler of this design at all?
  • Troubles
    2017-05-08 04:04
    Did U move down loads 2 desk top?. I always check 4 down loads when i am in doc,s go into games find faring simulation 2017. Check 4 down loads & move them 2 desk top. Once on desk top right click right mouse button on files then a menu will show up click on Extract all files with left mouse button. Once Extracted move files 2 mods folder in farming simulation 2017. Then the 2 files will show up in in game mods. I hope this will help others don,t show up in in game mods.
  • Brainstick_48
    2017-05-11 19:03
    Thanks for this one Bosshog, great job! I love it!
  • Wiskyfoxtrot21
    2018-09-24 23:31
    if it doesn't show up some time backing out to the main menu and then going back to the mod list helps reset the mod list
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