Farming simulator 2019 mods
New Holland T6-140/160 4B v1.1.2.0
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New Holland T6-140/160 4B v1.1.2.0

New Holland T6-140/160 4B V1.1.2.0 MR (certified)
- MR certified
- Fixed back rims on TM800 config
- Added new hud animations interior and other fix
- Added IC Control Ignition (Start/Up motor)
- Added FL control with Hoses ready

- New Features
- New Real Sounds
- IC control with indoorSounds
- Dynamic Hoses ready
- New Rims Colorable
- Tires Trelleborg,Michelin,Continental
- New upperLinks
- New Grill
- Motor vibration

Model: Oylerhenry,STv-Modding
Texture: Oylerhenry,STv-Modding
Script: Oylerhenry,STv-Modding
Idea / Concept: Oylerhenry,STv-Modding
Testing: Oylerhenry,STv-Modding
Other: Oylerhenry,STv-Modding

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