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New Holland T8 Bronze Edition MR/DH v1.0.0.0
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New Holland T8 Bronze Edition MR/DH v1.0.0.0

What has he in any case IC what I have not seen so far in any T8 or I know no T8 with IC.

Maya work such as:
Door, rear window, joystick, pedals, bonnet, transparent engine grill etc. by Puma

Scripting & Textures like:
IC, MoveCamIntern, SpeedJoystick, Smoke Particle Effects, FanSound, Dashboard, Terminal, Monitor Startup, Engine Block Vibration, Cabsuspension, Rebuilding on MoreRealistic, Dynamic Hose, Light Beams, Real Lights & Engines Sound Overwork, Windshield Wipers, Textures, Tires Config’s, own schemas, etc. us. by The Tester.

Giants Software GmbH
Modder: Der Tester (FBM) / Puma (FBM)
Bilder: Marc B. (FBM)

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