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New Vehicle Shop placeable v1.0.0
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New Vehicle Shop placeable v1.0.0

So now it is so far, the first version of placeable version is ready.
All Doors are animated with AnimatedObject.
On tank the standard trigger of gaints is Installed.
In the placeable version it is not possible to incorporate the workshop trigger.
So and now get to work.

Dachschilder: Kirtz Pierre
ShopUmbau: Joerg_B
Deko: AllgäuerGarde, Claas_Evolution, speedy77

  • Trops60
    2017-01-15 20:25
    lets please get the fruit tree and berries mode on 2017 and the extra places to sell them
  • Tallguy
    2017-01-15 23:15
    what he said. been waiting on the long greenhouses, the placeable markets, the crass hopper mower with 100,000 capacity, and several other things from 15. Still, the placeable shop is a good place to store all my fancy car mods.
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