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New Holland Yellow 3and1 v1.1.0.0
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New Holland Yellow 3and1 v1.1.0.0

BONJOUR, AUJOURD'HUI je vous presente la toute nouvelle FS17 Trailer NH Yellow 3and1.
CAPACITY : 50000 L.
PS: pour ceux qui ont des questions faite le moi savoir , et pour ceux qui n'aime pas mon travaille s'abstenir de repondre MERCI. BOB51160.

BOB51160 / MAX51160

  • Hoffi ls mods
    2018-10-07 00:01 Send message
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    wooohoo someone change the texture and now it's your mod.Would be minimum to mention my name as mod creator
  • Nickthehic
    2018-10-07 02:29 Send message
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    I'm going to review it. I'll add your name in the credits "Hoffi LS Mods" Are you the guy that made this for me a while ago? I noticed it has my channel logo on it and name in the shop.
  • Hoffi ls mods
    2018-10-08 09:56 Send message
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    Yes, I made this mod for FS15 and FS17.Possible that we already had contact regarding this....don't know for sure.
  • Seb


    2018-10-08 20:50 Send message
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    site de merde, mod de merde.........
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