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Newlin Map v1.0
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Newlin Map v1.0

Once again we are deep in the heart of Texas, welcome to Newlin. With a large loan you will try to take your new farm and land from empty to bursting with equipment and productive fields.

After hard work and help from the FS community I am proud to release my second map, Newlin.

Map size is 4X.
Field sizes range from huge to small.
Seasons ready.
Chopped Straw ready with custom textures.
Extra crops, cotton, sorghum, and feed corn.
Feed corn can be used to feed the cows.
Regular corn is textured as a high moisture corn.
Includes cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens.

If you find something wrong or have a question check out the support post! Enjoy!


  • L'ours des plaines
    2018-08-18 16:05
    belle carte,beau potentiel.de bonnes idées,mais produire des vaches comme vous le proposer est insupportable même dans un jeu.Ces vaches là sont trop malheureuses(elles ne savent plus ce que veut dire courir dans l'herbe),pour moi le respect et la dignité de l'animal est primordial.Je pense que beaucoup d'éleveurs ressentent cela
  • Kleeblatt
    2018-08-18 19:09
    wer Zäune mag kommt auf seine Kosten. Kühe sind scheinbar im Hochsicherheitstrakt untergebracht, anders kann ich mir die Zaunanlage nicht erklären....Ansonsten wei, weites Land / Feld...
  • @thomas
    2018-08-18 21:35
    Your map has good potential, but wow cow nav mesh will never work the way it is. They will defiantly freeze in game. have to say I was exited to download your map to be disappointed in the cow husbandry but it can be fixed with some work. Good job on the map and it does show good potential dont give up looking forward to version 2. Log does show an error static actor moved this means you probably re scaled the field buy icons.
  • Terry
    2018-08-20 10:33
    try to find it in multifruit i like the way the map is done and i know it neeeds like rye and rice and millet and it will be off the chain
  • Fuck trump vote blue
    2018-08-21 14:42
    I would like to see modder make this possible for FS19 when the time comes, its very well made map and the landscape is super, well done modder
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