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Newlin Map v1.5.0.0
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Newlin Map v1.5.0.0

V1.5 Change log:
Cow water/dirty area/nav mesh updated.
Feed corn and maize switched.
Cotton will now use correct seeder.
Chopped straw textures tweaked.
No more storage fee.
Storage bin range reduced to 40.

Texas based map that is 4x in size.
Seasons ready.
Chopped Straw ready.
Extra crops: Cotton, Sorghum, and Feed Corn.
Feed Corn can be used as a TMR replacement for cows.
Small to large fields on rolling terrain.

Txzar and the modding community.

  • Garyp
    2018-10-13 21:14
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    Please link augers so I can use the silos at the cattle farm. Great map btw!
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