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NH 116 Hydroswing Haybine v1.0
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NH 116 Hydroswing Haybine v1.0

Here is my FarmSim Steve's latest mod of a New Holland 116 Hydroswing Haybine. We used two 116 Hydroswings a lot on our farm growing up so I was highly motivated to have it look and feel just like it did growing up. I can honestly say I feel I hit the nostalgia just the way I intended and so I wanted to share this mod with the community.
For extra-wide cutting in your largest fields, get the versatile performance of a 116 Series Haybine. The 116 mower offers a wide 16' cutting width without sacrificing in-field maneuverability or performance. With the Hydraswing arm you can rest assured your getting the most flexibility in the field.

Brand: Sperry New Holland
Price: $12,500
PTO: 540
NeedToPower: 50
Cutting Width: 16'

HydroSwing Left & Right
Reel & Auger
Rear Effect Node
Gets Dirty

I FarmSimSteve created the mod including programing and textures except for the following:
Models: Wheels and some Reel parts Stone Valley Modding
Decals: Ry Anomaly

  • Fs17vmods
    2018-05-20 14:57
    No hire worker function did not work for me
  • Gerhard
    2018-05-20 15:35
    Just texture errors for the wheels. No way to raise/lower the mower. $500 a day maintenance? Is it 50 years old and you have to fabricate parts?
  • Jimbob
    2018-05-22 07:45
    Textures are fixed on the latest 1.1 version. Check your raise and lower settings in your game options. Its "Left Ctrl V" for me. As for maintenance are you not playing with seasons mod? Otherwise you can tweak the maintenance to your liking in the NH116.xml file in the mod folder. Its not rocket surgery.
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