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NH CR10.90 paint and chassis choice v1.1
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NH CR10.90 paint and chassis choice v1.1


Version 1.1
- Built-in lighting
- other fixes

I would like to present you today my mine from the game pulled and converted CR10.90 of the company New Holland. Please do not be so hard with me, it is my second real Mod that I have converted and make available. No master of heaven has fallen. :)

What was done:
Tinted windows
Wheel configuration added (tire, double tire and crawler)
Color selection for normal wheels and double tires (crawlers are still black)
Color selection for threshing and cutting machines
Corn tank volume slightly increased (29000)
Working speed increased (15 km / h)
Xenon mounted & light cone extended (low beam, working + high beam)
Decalfarbe adapted to make it more unrider

For more information look at the pictures!

What will come in the next version?
Interior lighting
Design selection for interior
Color selection for crawlers
What I still think so

The LOG is error-free and runs smoothly in the SP as well as in the MP.
It would be nice if those of you have an uploaded account, use this also;)

This mod may NOT be uploaded or duplicated!
In this sense


Ps: Thanking and recommending does not hurt and help ;-) And thanks to Morice for the support of the differential Einsteillung :)


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