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Nicolonia v0.9
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Nicolonia v0.9

Welcome to Nicolonia, a totally fictitious world. The card contains all the standard features of the LS17.
It offers you 66 boxes (total 167,3ha) and 14 fields (total 14,9ha).
You are already equipped to start with a fairly extensive fleet on which gnaws but partly already the ravages of time. Your operation is very well equipped to grassland. A chopper and another leg with beet is already available. So you can start right away with animals and / or the BGP.
At the beginning you owned 3 fields and 14 grasslands.
To store your goods you stands the Hoflager (by the pigs) and 3 Trainstorages available. The train can you also utilize large quantities of goods on the map to move or sell goods.
Tree trunks can you sell (below Feld11) the crane in Fristonia (near field 59) and at the sawmill. The sawmill must additionally with fuel (wood chips / straw) are supplied and manufactures boards.
For all your courts I have installed Placeable halls (Giants-Standard). You can you demolish and reshape your farms / BGA Individually for you.
I wish you much fun with Virtual farms and explore!

A huge thank you goes also to my BETA testers. Thank ye that did to !! You are the best!

Here is a link to "Mapvorstellung" (Thanks Gadarol!)

Everyone who wants to learn a little about the development phase of the Map can do so here:

Strassen/Feldwege: Fatian / seba j

Gebäude/Objekte: Giants, Stefan30Muc, Katsuo (Agrarteam Franken), Niggels (VertexDesign), Nick98.1, Nils23/Blacky, kingkalle - Team LTW, Fendtfan1,
fqC Art., Nico14, power74de, Kevin98k

Ich hoffe ich habe keinen vergessen. Vielen Dank für die tollen Mods die ihr erstellt!

  • Djosha
    2017-02-24 00:31
    This has to be one of the best maps ever. Rolling terrain, logical traffic,,big enough to be lost, it is really made like a world that you can believe in. Fields are of all sizes, some difficult, some easier. Train going around. It is clearly visible that attention was given to small details - that make this map so natural. Viva Nicolonia! Thank you very much - this map is really a constant joy for playing.
  • Nitefire
    2017-02-24 17:05
    Agree with Djosha...I don't know if I would want to farm it, but design wise it is a beautiful map. I will download it just to drive around in it and enjoy the scenery! Very nice job! Thank you for sharing it with us.
  • Guest
    2017-02-24 19:48
    tres jolie carte bravo
  • Guest
    2017-02-26 23:55
    This map is simple amazing! Too bad its not shared on the official GIANTS mod site as I had to look for it to find it.Great work looking forward to play on it.
  • Djosha
    2017-03-01 01:52
    I am playing it non-stop for 5 days already, this is the best map in my experience. Thank you author, for such a beautiful world
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