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Nine field Beta
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Nine field Beta

Hello. Today I present you my first map before because I have yet decided my private map is still a beta with you to teilen. Es but it works even alles..Ich think you quite well so far succeeded me ist.Fehler but will have determined what you have no influence on the game play, how to solve this then I have yet to learn, but I think the times get even hin.Evtl there is a mapper of me as a bit of a helping hand attacks ....
To the map .... main courtyard, cows, pigs, sheep
Outlet for straw, grass

sugar factory
wool sales
The map is for single player as I thought me and has 10 large to medium-sized fields
3 meadows .....
So now I just hope I that you like this map, and you enjoy it habt.Sollte the map down well I will expand it further and also want to block
There is no forest and there never will be with me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Start Vehicles are not there yet again, I have to first make smart, but 90% have indeed the Money Cheat .......
So that's enough look you in you and let there a few komentare.
(Komentare where I can start with what)
Gruss beet Paule

Idee / Konzept: Rübenpaule
Sonstige:ICh bedanke mich bei allen Moddern Mappern Scriptern usw deren Objekte ich hier verbaut habe.Danke für eure Arbeit!!!!!!!

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