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NLD Ford Service Van v1.0
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NLD Ford Service Van v1.0

This Van have all seeds to refuel your seeders, also you can transport things (Trees, pallats).
Required Mod [FS17] Light Addon by vertexdezign.

Car information:
Name: NLD Ford Service Van
Price: €70.000,-
Daily upkeep: €40,-
Horsepower: 140pk.

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I do not give permission to edit the mod en reupload it.
Gelieve niet de mod ergens anders te uploaden zonder de originele download link!
Please do not upload the mod anywhere else without the original download link!
Bitte nicht die mod irgendwo sonst laden, ohne den ursprünglichen Download-Link!

Model: Bart, fa285634, Giants.
LUA from: Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding), Alex2009, Marhu, BlackSheep.
Other: SpectralDodger, FSMT, vertexdezign.net.

  • This mod sucks
    2017-06-03 18:20 Send message
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    THIS IS A VERY BAD MOD, this is just a mod that we already have, only now you guys have took the service things from your pickup and the lightbar to and put it on this van, but I like the idea
  • Lewis
    2017-08-24 19:45 Send message
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    Really good mod!
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