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NLD Helmer MAN 8x8 Heavy v1.0
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NLD Helmer MAN 8x8 Heavy v1.0

Original MAN model by Giants from LS15.
I really don't know who was the original modder for LS15 8x8 version, but it was certainly copied a lot after that.
Anyway; thanks to the original modder.

Converted to LS17 by SETKA

Doors and windows can be opened

Modded by Pummelboer;
-Changed to "A.Helmer" texture  (thanks to NLD-farmers)
-Variable tyres; standard trucktyres or wide tires
-Variable engine configuration

"Convoi Exceptionnel" sign can be sitched on/off
"A.Helmer" tekst sign can be switched on/off

Crane has can attach to most types of tools and implements:
cutter, cutterHarvester, frontloader, wheelloader, skidSteer, telehandler, trailer, implement

So most things which are bougth at the shop can be picked op with the crane.

Have fun

And if you wan't to re-use it, please don't forget to mention the other modders who worked on this.


  • Lefermiermorvandiau
    2017-03-19 00:31 Send message
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    How you can use the attach for the crane?It doesn't work for me
  • Gertk
    2017-03-19 08:30 Send message
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    In welke map heb je dat filmpje gemaakt met die modder, ziet er vet uit
  • Crane
    2017-03-22 16:15 Send message
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    Yeah I cant figure out how to make the crane pick anything up either, which is a shame cause I like it
  • Fs1554
    2017-03-22 19:28 Send message
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    where is the trailers???
  • Koalat
    2017-03-23 01:11 Send message
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    @FS1554 the trailer on the right is the default trailer found in LS17 (you should know this by now I would think) and the trailer on the left is a mod.
  • Ranga
    2017-05-14 08:51 Send message
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    how do i hook things onto the hook?
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