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Norge v1.6.1
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Norge v1.6.1

This is a small update to Norge verson 1.6.
Due to an error on farm silo.
You do not need to start a new savegame


  • Dctoe
    2017-02-17 17:04
    I love this map! It's got plenty of nice fields and crops, production services and lots of space for your own expansions. I love that. Keep up the the great work!
  • Janas
    2017-02-18 02:25
    Thanks. DCTOE : )
  • Tim121672
    2017-02-27 23:13
    Quick question, why cant I lift the pallets off the conveyers at the flour mill? PLZ HELP...Thanks
  • Janas
    2017-02-28 16:33
    I did not know that. Thought it worked. I tested only with a autoload trailer.But I'll fix it for next verson.
  • Tim121672
    2017-03-03 06:58
    Thanks bud, great to hear. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!!!!!!!
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